Country: China
Year: 2011rong360 logo
Founded in 2011, Rong360 is an O2O (Online to Offline) Internet banking platform providing financial product search and comparison services.
Key Figures:

  • Current Users = 12.3 million in 300 cities of China
  • Amount of Online Financial Products = 170,000 (loans: over 70,000; credit cards: over 10,000; financial management services: over 80,000)
  • Recent Funding = Raised over 1 billion RMB ($160 million USD) in series D funding led by Sailing Capital and Jack Ma’s YF Capital
  • Current Valuation = $1 billion USD

Rong360 was featured a as top 50 company in 2015 by FINTECH 100 (report created by KPMG and H2 Ventures).

  • Rong360 is China’s leading financial vertical search platform. The platform provides financial searches of financial products to consumers and SMEs, recommendations and application services, business scope cover loans, credit cards and financial management.
  • The platform provides 170,000 financial products including savings funds, mortgages, normal loans, P2P loans, credit cards, and more, to help China’s green-handed investors determine the best deals for them and to shift bank consultations online.

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast & Cost effective: Easy application process. With occupation, location and loan information, the platform uses its algorithm to list and compare available loan services for customers.
  • Extensive coverage: The platform provides various products including saving funds, loans, P2P loans, mortgages and credit card services. And it covers 12.3 million users in 300 cities in total across China.
  • Community: Rong360 also builds a knowledge-driven online community by offering wealth management experience sharing forums and up-to-date news to help customers with decision making.
  • Security: Over 10,000 banks and financial institutions partnered with Rong360 including “The Big Four Banks.” Rong360 is also developing facial recognition software to strengthen its online security.

How to Use

  • Choose current location, occupation and loan preferences


  • Compare and connect with loan providers (translated page)


  • Register with China-located cellphone number and apply for the loan with needed information (translated page)


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