Country: USA
Year: 2013


  • RogerVoice allows their customers to read what they cannot hear with a powerful speech recognition system and type what cannot be spoken
  • This app subtitles phone conversations in real time, so that hard of hearing customers can read what the other person is saying
  • The interlocutor does not need any Internet connection in order to receive the user’s call
  • Additionally, the company offers Quick Messages functionality which uses text-to-speech synthesis technology and allows customers to type (preconfigured) answers
  • RogerVoice recognizes over 80 languages and is available in nearly every country

Consumer Benefits

  • Empowering: potentially help millions of hard-of-hearing people by letting them make phone calls. Some of them might even make their first phone call through the app
  • Customization: users can change the app language at a click of a button
  • Flexibility: users can use RogerVoice without a specific carrier plan

How To Use

  • After downloading the application, users can immediately start calling anyone, anytime, without intermediaries
  • To call with RogerVoice  clients must purchase credits. 1 hour of trial is offered on the website and membership prices run from €1.99/m to €19.99/m


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