Country: Netherlands
Year: 1929

  • The strategy of Robeco between 2014 – 2018 is focused on growth in three regions: US, Europe and Asia
  • Growth is expected to come from existing and new activities expanding from Robeco’s current base. Robeco expects to exceed an AuM level of EUR 300 billion in 2018 from organic growth
  • Netherlands, however, remains a key market for Robeco, where they offer attractive investment products, solutions and service levels to clients
  • After the acquisition of Robeco by ORIX in July 2013, ORIX and Robeco are assessing the corporate restructuring of Robeco in order to secure a level playing field for Robeco among its international competitors
  • Robeco also has a focus on research-driven investments & sustainable investing

Recent Initiatives

  • Robeco ONE is a mobile application launched by Robeco that allows users to invest based on three variants: Defensive, Neutral and Offensive, with a minimum amount of EUR 50. By the end of 2013, there was EUR 535 million invested in Robeco One and it rose to 750 million by end of 2014. Most of this was in the neutral profile
  • The yields on Robeco One vary from 6.6% to 9.7%
  • The cost of managing money on Robeco One is 1.41% on EUR 50 – 100,00 and 1.25% on amounts greater than EUR 100,000
  • Robeco One is available on the App Store and Android’s GooglePlay
  • Robeco’s Jack Neele, fund manager at Global Consumer Trends Equities, and Dirk-Jan Verzuu, fund manager of ING Global Opportunities Fund, together gave a masterclass during Fondsevent360, a networking event for investment professionals. They described how the digital revolution impacts society, businesses and individuals and how it creates opportunities and threats for investors

Lessons Learned

  • Starting with the basics : After having been acquired in 2013 and having spent most of 2014 dealing with legacy systems, Robeco has launched a mobile app that seems very similar to other initiatives in the Dutch market
  • No clear vision communicated on Digital : They do not seem to be ready yet to communicate around their way of dealing with Digital opportunies
  • Digital seems to be quite low in the organization and mostly focusing on execution in IT and Marketing (UX)

Keywords: mobile application; research-driven investment; sustainable investing

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