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Year: 2013

  • An insurer that provides an electronic device playing the role of firewall, in partnership with a company specialized in digital risk
  • As with many other insurance companies in the USA, the alliance of physical and digital is a main trend (car, alarm, firewall)


“AutoShun is a hardware device that isolates areas of the Internet where known “bad” things happen and keeps them out of a company’s network. With millions of known “bad” actors constantly updated, AutoShun identifies and blocks the largest sources for malware, crime and fraud.” (AIG website)

How it works

As per the AIG CyberEdge manual:
AutoShun Hardware

  • AutoShun stops an attack by bi-directionally blocking communication to known “bad” IP addresses.
  • The shunning capability disrupts the infected computers’ ability to communicate back to the command and control servers, eliminating the ability to carry out its criminal functions.
  • The attack information is sent to the accompanying CyberEdge RiskTool account. The dashboard will update in real-time and outline the known “bad” IP addresses that have been shunned.


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