Country: United States reprezen
Year: 2016


RepreZen offers customisable, ready to use Application Programme Interface (API) solutions for companies that are designed to reduce overall development time. Launched in February 2016, the RepreZen API Studio is a fully-integrated design workbench to suit all company sizes.  The offer includes.

  • Editing of API descriptions using code assist, validation in real-time and customisable templates and 24 different SDKs
  • RepreZen offers two types of API models: industry standard Swagger-Open or Rapid ML
  • Built-in support and connectivity whilst creating and building
  • Live diagramme and documentation views to maximise insight and feedback

Consumer Benefits

  • Unlike traditional tools that target individual APIs, Reprezen optimises its organisational efficiency to target both small enterprises with application-level requirements to enterprise service architectures.
  • RepreZen’s flexibile tools allow greater freedom for businesses looking to develop their APIs in-house with


  • Prices start from $199 per licence per year for a startup or non-profit with between one and five user licences.
  • RepreZen calculates its fees on company size and required number of licences
  • Offer of free maintenance and support for one year
  • Hands-on modelling workshops offered from API experts
  • RepreZen’s API Studio presentation video explains their product in a user-friendly step by step approach
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