Country: Israel
Year: 2014
RayGo is a Bluetooth device that allows the driver to use his phone without being distracted while driving


  • RayGo is a device that allows the driver to use Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype and other Apps on the phone while driving or biking
  • On the device there is a Bluetooth controller that the driver can put on his steering wheel which allows him to respond to texts, check email
  • The device knows when the driver is busy and holds back notifications, pauses message playbacks, and speaks slower when necessary
  • The App gives information on whether the user is actively using the steering wheel, as well as the location and the speed of the vehicle

Consumer Benefits

  • RayGo allows the driver to drive more safely
  • RayGo allows the user to text while remaining focused on the road
  • RayGo is able to sense when the driver must remain focused on the road and stops notifications from interrupting their concentration

How to use it

  • The customer buys the device and the App and installs the device on the steering wheel and the RayGo App on his phone. When he starts the car the App converts automatically the favorite Apps of the driver into a “Drive Mode”. The driver has 4 options on the device: menu up, go back, menu down, select or voice command.
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