Country: Germanyraisin
Year: 2013


  • German Fintech Raisin offers Europe-wide customers the opportunity to invest in high-interest savings accounts across the EU
  • Via the Raisin platform, users can access savings accounts from other banks either in their own country or from other Raisin partner banks in the EU (Austria, France, Germany, Poland, etc.)
  • Raisin currently has around 20 different partner banks, with Haitong Securities (Portugal) being the latest to join Raisin
  • Raisin receives a commission from partner banks which goes to help Keytrade and Raisin provide free savings services to users
  • The majority of investment comes from German customers who are either looking for sure returns (Germany or Swedish accounts) or higher returns (Eastern Europe savings accounts)

Consumer Benefits

  • Free: for customers to use
  • 100% deposit guarantee: of up to €100 000 or country’s currency equivalent if not in euros
  • 100% online: no need for paperwork or branch visits
  • Access savings account in another country:without the need to open an account with a bank in a foreign country
  • No automatic roll-overs: customers are not tied in to a contract that automatic renews itself

How To Use

  • Customers register and open a Raisin account online with Keytrade bank (free of charge)
  • They then choose the duration that they’d like to save for and the savings account with the best interest rate
  • These savings accounts at partner banks are managed through Raisin’s banking platform
  • A welcome bonus of up to €75 is offered to customers after completion of their first deposit


Raisin’s cofounder talks to German Startup TV about Raisin

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