Qapital Logo
Country: Sweden/USA
Year: 2014

  • Leverage on gamification mechanics to incent savings
  • Allow to decrease unnecessary expenses


  • Qapital is a new PFM app that has been launched to challenge Mint, and bring more fun in the saving process
  • Once users connect on the website, a fun quiz helps them to determine how much they spend every week
  • Once they have the approximate amount spent, Qapital informs them what kind of crazy things they could have done with it (ex: In ten years – saved $129,770: Have Surgery to look like Justin Bieber!)
  • In addition to their basic finance and budgeting features (PFM functions), users can set goals — like money for a new car, a trip or a vacation.
  • As they hit their savings or spending targets, money is transferred from their bank accounts into a savings account managed by Qapital’s banking partner
  • Qapital principle is the “if this, then that” (IFTTT) for users’ wallets. For example: ‘Every time I buy a beer, save $2 for my new car’, ‘Every time I go to the restaurant, save $10 for my new kitchen aid’, ‘If I keep within my weekly budget, transfer my roll over to my savings account’

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