Country: France

Year: 2014


  • Qalyo developed an application that is built like a secured electronic health card, enabling the user to consult their medical data any time
  • The application analyzes the user’s medical info and provides dashboards, personal recommendations, and notifications about the user’s health status
  • The database can be shared to doctors or pharmacists
  • Qalyo ensures optimal conditions when it comes to medical visits
  • Users connect their wearables through the application, and retrieve their data automatically in one place
  • Qalyo offers solutions tailored to insurances such as disease prevention, risk detection, monitoring chronic diseases, or fidelity programs
  • Wearables that are compatible with Qalyo are:
    • Withings, fitbit, Jawbone, and IHealth

Consumer Benefits

  • Certified health analytics: User’s health is analyzed as per medical rules set by la Haute Autorité de la Santé in France
  • Personalized service selection: After data analysis, personalized services relevant for the user are offered. Alerts and notifications are relevant to the user experience
  • Shared medical data with doctors: For each medical visit, the user can share its Qalyo’s data to its doctor in order to get the best treatment relevant for its health status

How to use

  • The user creates a free or premium profile via the website and downloads the application, either through Android or Apple
  • As soon as the app is downloaded, the user can connect their wearables


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