Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2014


  • Provenance is a data platform that allows businesses to take a step towards transparency by tracing the history and origin of products.
  • Provenance uses blockchain, mobile and open data to bring verified information to the customer directly from the business chain supply.
  • Provenance uses two kinds of data systems in one interface:
    • Transparency tools: Assembles images, identity and locations to recreate the products’ story.
    • Traceability system: Confirms the identity and product attributes through supply chains.

Consumer Benefits

  • Trust: It increases brand trust by sharing with customers all the people, process and places behind one product.
  • Efficiency: The businesses using Provenance also have the opportunity to raise operational efficiency by automating audit, monitoring and reporting.
  • Customer service: Customer will be more inclined to purchase some products if they are able to retrace their provenance.

How to use?

  • You can get started on Provenance in a few easy steps:
    1. Create a business profile and add information, certification and stories on your company.
    2. Add products and share stories about the product and people behind the goods through communication tools.
    3. Issue or receive batches of items
    4. Customer can then verify the provenance of the product and its history directly from the product.
  • Pricing: There are three types of packages depending on the consumer’s needs ranging from 0 to £29/month. Enterprises that are interested in Provenance have to submit a request to get a quote.


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