Country: Chileprey
Year: 2009

  • Make insurance claim faster: Prey gathers all the important data for the police department to do its job faster when it comes to stolen objects. This allows the investigation to be much faster because all the information would already be available. For insurance companies this seems to be a huge opportunity in order to make its claims faster.
  • Robbery disincentive : The other huge opportunity that a software like Prey brings, is also prevention. If more and more people have these kinds of software on their devices, it might act as a disincentive. Robbers might be more scared of stealing from people because they would be tracked and even photographed.


  • Prey is a company that develops software technologies to track and distance control stolen or lost device
  • The user can install the software on thousands of device if needed : laptop, tablets, phone…
  • When the item goes lost the user can remotely block it and delete sensitive files from a cloud-based dashboard
  • Prey is even going further by adding an option that allows the user to directly report the stolen object to the police online and automatically send the police all relevant information about the object: device location, screenshots, and pictures.

Consumer Benefits

  • Distance blocking: Prey allows to both know where the stolen or lost device is located as well as block it to prevent confidential data breach
  • Faster Recovery: When a device gets stolen, the user can log in and report it directly to the police who will receive all the data concerning the stolen item

How to use

  • If the device gets stolen, the user just logs in and reports the stolen item. He can then notify the police or simply track and control the stolen device thanks to the software.


  • Introduction to Prey on YouTube
  • The expert vagabond presents Prey project


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