Country: United Statesprana
Year: 2014

  • Sell as a stand-alone product or in an asthma pack: the device can be marketed or sold to asthma patients who need to pay extra attention to their breathing, postures and concentration ability
  • Include in packages for driving professionals: the usage of this wearable could be recommended to drivers in order to reinforce correct postures and concentration while behind the wheel
  • Offer as a “well-being” tool:
    • To corporate clients – Corporate clients can be offered Prana as a part of the insurance package – to encourage a health life style for their employees
    • Internal offer for employees as a prevention initiative – Prana is a device primarily for users who have a sedentary lifestyle today. Companies could offer such devices to its’ employees on a voluntary basis
    • Any customer who wants to avail the personalized well-being portal


  • Prana is a device connected to an app on the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and runs on a lithium ion battery lasting up to 7 days
  • The platform evaluates breath patterns and the posture of user. The algorithms distinguish breath from posture, as well as chest from diaphragmatic breathing, utilizing a small sensor case worn near the belly or waist area

Consumer Benefits

  • The information provided by the app can be used to train oneself to breathe properly and use better posture leading to several health benefits of good posture and breathing to reduced stress, less back pain, and the ability to have better focus
  • There is a gaming element in the app that encourages long-term engagement for its’ users
  • The software in the app offers a library of breathing exercises and techniques from traditions from all around the world, including Yoga Pranayama, Tai Chi, and Buteyko, intuitively organized by time of day or intended effect

How to use

  • Prana is a small round disk that clips into the inside of the user’s waistband. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer and a set of algorithms to measure the body’s breathing patterns
  • The device has two modes — passive and active. In the passive mode, it monitors user’s breathing patterns. If it detects irregularities or shallow breathing, the app sends a text alert inviting user to a recommended breathing session thus switching to active mode


  • Huffington Post Live interviews Prana CEO


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