Country: United Statespolly
Year: 2014
Polly Portfolio is a digital investing platform to create tailored investment strategies. The strategy is built on different consumer opinions and preferences on the markets and the economy.


  • Polly Portfolio offers a sophisticated, automated and personalized investing tool for individual investors and professional advisors
  • The consumers’ view allows the platform to build tailored strategies consisting of asset allocation in response to different movements in the market
  • The proposed strategy for the consumer can be also customized according to its preferences and opinions about the market and the economy

Consumer Benefits

Different tools for individuals and professionals are available:

  • PolyAnalytics is a major tool for individuals. The user can input his own views and insights on an institutional investment process. It helps building an ideal portfolio based on the consumers’ preferences.
  • “Paper Account” and “Linked Account” are only for individuals investors. They are used to simulate portfolios, track their performances and synchronize their different accounts
  • Sophograph, the Internal Strategist Tool, Wealth Management Marketing and Investment Manager Marketing are all different components intended for Wealth Managers
  • Managed Account is for both professionals and individuals. It is based on a selection of 14 financial markets, as well as ETFs. The selection strategy covers low fees, liquidity and complementarity of the customer’s portfolio

How To Use

  • Account creation is free. To sign up the basics information are requested. After an email address confirmation the user completes some questions about the global economy
  • To open an account with money the consumer needs to be a US resident or citizen, being older than 18 and credit a minimum of $50,000
  • Managed accounts utilize an algorithm based on the consumers’ objectives and opinions. The price varies between 0.35 and 0.55% per year but there is no commission or distribution fees


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