Country: Singapore 
Year: 2016


  • They make buying and managing insurance simple for all their clients.
  • PolicyPal uses artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for customers to manage all their existing policies from different insurers.
  • Through the app’s algorithm, gaps and shortfalls in customer’s insurance coverage can be identified without biasness.
  • The specialities of this app are insurance policies, financial products, financial planning and financial services.
  • PolicyPal is classifying your coverage products by segment (Health, Personal, Life, etc.)

Consumer Benefits

  • Customers have quick access to their insurance policies even if the unexpected happens directly within a mobile application.
  • Using the app, customers can pay and renew their policies with a touch of button and get access to a summary of their personalized insurance coverage in a simple and clear dashboard.
  • PolicyPal make sure their client and their loved ones are well protect and cover with their digital portfolio tool.
  • The process to signing up is easy and eliminate the pain of dealing with messy paperwork and need to track renewal dates.

How to use

  • Download PolicyPal trough the App Store or get it on Google Pay. This app is also available as a Web App.
  • Upload photos of your policies and let them process for you. At the end, you’ll get an easy to understand overview.


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