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Year: 2014
Policygenius is an online platform that helps and guides customers to choose insurance that best fits their needs. 


  • Policygenius is an online platform that compares different insurance offers in order to fit the best customer’s needs
  • The customer files a little questionnaire that will help the website to select the right insurance depending on the customer’s profile
  • At the end of the questionnaire different brands of insurances are suggested and the customer can choose which one he wants

Consumer Benefits

  • Highly personalized service thanks to the questionnaire
  • No waste of time browsing different insurance carriers’ websites to find the right coverage
  • Building trust and creating a relationship with the potential customer by comparing different insurance policies

How to use

  • Customers can go on the website, answer a few questions and then choose the insurance plan that would best fit their needs
  • Once they chose which plan is the best they can subscribe to it

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