Country: UK
Year: 2015
Founded in 2014, Plutus is a contactless payment mobile app that combines the use of blockchain technology with crypto-tokens as an alternative for online or offline payment transactions. It allows customer to exchange their digital currency in to fiat currency with the most optimal trading price


  • Plutus is a contactless payment mobile that allows Bitcoin users to pay by NFC into regular shops
  • The bitcoin are converted into fiat by exchanging it with traders who are listed on a platform’s decentralized exchange, PlutusDEX.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easiness: Bitcoin owners know how hard it is to spend them, more especially in brick & mortar stores. Thanks to Plutus, this issue is over.
  • Trust & Security: the crypto currency are exchanged with trusted traders by smart contracts based blockchain technology supported by Ethereum network
  • Real-time transaction: every Bitcoin-to-fiat exchange transaction confirmed on the blockchain takes approximately 17 seconds
  • Free : conversion to fiat is totally free (compared to Bitcoin: from 1 up to 4%).
  • Rewardness: by using the app, users are rewarded by receiving “plutons” as a rebate (between 1 and 3% of every transaction made) exchangeable into fiat currency such as Bitcoins.

How to use

  1. Subscribe quickly and download the app
  2. Determine the amount of Bitcoins you want to convert by a smart contracts which will be verified by traders on the DEX platform
  3. Your prepaid virtual debit card is funded instantly and equivalently with your local currency
    Now, you can pay in store by tapping you smartphone to a NFC terminal.


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