Country: Singaporepie
Year: 2013

  • More efficient internal collaboration: An insurance company could adopt Pie so that its employees can interact easily even during meetings. The employees can chat and share heavy documents instantaneously


  • Pie offers a new way to chat for co-workers
  • It enables co-workers to collaborate, brainstorm, share documents and chat with everyone in the company

Consumer Benefits

  • Effortlessly end easily share : The user can share photos, GIFs, videos, music and files
  • Reply smarter: Quick replies are designed so that users can say more and type less
  • Always in sync: Chats are always in sync between the phone, tablet, watch, web and desktop
  • Security: Modern encryption methods to secure chat history and files

How it works

  • The user can download the app (app for Android, iPhone), then creates an account
  • The user receives an email with a verification code to confirm the account and finally, he/she can invite co-workers to chat and share files


  • After $1.2M funding, Pie’s Pieter Walraven explains why the app is nothing like Slack


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