Country: the Netherlands
Year: 2015


  • PickThisUp facilitates peer to peer (P2P) deliveries of articles and goods within the Netherlands
  • With its Uber-like platform, it geo-localizes nearby drivers, allowing them to pick up and deliver a user’s orders (including special packages such as paintings, furniture, tires, laptops, refrigerators, and mirrors, as well as animals, such as cats or dogs for holiday babysitting)

Consumer Benefits

  • Monetary benefits for drivers: inspired from the business model of the ridesharing app, BlaBlaCar, PickThisUp helps drivers to earn extra money from the pick up services
  • Nominally priced and quicker deliveries for the users: the courier charges are lower than the typical courier delivery companies, as well as mostly same-day deliveries
  • Environmentally friendly: for the environment-conscious, this is a better way to create more sustainable and ecological surroundings

How To Use

  • When the user wants to send or receive a delivery package, they post the article details as well as pick-up and drop-off addresses on the platform
  • The drivers can look at the request, and accept a delivery request or make a counter offer. Usually, these drivers have a planned trip on that route and empty space in their trun
  • Once the driver confirms the trip, they pick up the package and then deliver it at the agreed date and tim
  • After a successful delivery, the driver gets rated and paid; PickThisUp takes a percentage of the payment as a commission


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