Country: USA
Year: 2017


  • Pefin’s AI technology provides the same level of intelligent guidance as a human advisor at 1/20th of the cost
  • Pefin’s proprietary technology helps users navigate the important decisions that impact their long-term financial well-being — from buying a house to starting a new job to saving for a child
  • The platform securely aggregates a user’s financial information then helps them build comprehensive plans to reach their individual and unique long-term goals.
  • Pefin is built on dynamic planning. Each plan is personalized for the individual user, taking into account often forgotten details like federal and state taxes, maintenance costs, insurance or inflation.
  • Pefin’s intelligent system automatically determines the long-term impact of each plan, and how one affects another.

Consumer Benefits

  • All customers accounts in one place: Customers can connect all  their online financial accounts to Pefin — from  bank accounts and credit cards to  savings, mortgages, loans, and investment accounts. Pefin builds a complete picture of customers’ current finances in minutes
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning: Pefin helps customers plan – from having a child, to sending her to college, to an annual vacation, or paying off a car

How To Use

  • Pefin’s AI technology learns from customers spending and savings patterns. Pefin keeps track of markets and changing economic conditions. When customers’ plans’ affordability changes, Pefin tells them right away and show them what their next step should be
  • The solution is still in beta version


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