Country: USA
Year: 2014


  • Pager directs patients to care in the most convenient and cost-effective setting.
  • The platform is available for iPhone in Manhattan from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.
  • Partnership with Zipdrug that integrates drug-delivery services into the Pager platform.

Consumer Benefits

  • Convenient: In-home visits and consultations
  • Efficient: After initial chat/consultation, patients may connect with a provider via a teleconsult or videoconsult to further discuss symptoms.
  • Secure & safe: HIPAA compliant

How To Use

  • Chat with healthcare professionals: ask questions and discuss your symptoms with a live healthcare professional.
  • Videoconsult and Teleconsult: after your initial chat, you may be connected with a provider via a teleconsult or videoconsult to discuss your symptoms further.
  • In-home visit: the provider may want to schedule an in-person visit to further assess symptoms and facilitate testing and labs as needed.
  • Care referrals: Pager connects you with a primary care provider or in-network specialist in your area.


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