Country: USAPablow Inc
Year: 2014


  • Based on predictive analytics, Pablow Inc. is a cloud-based travel insurance platform that matches holiday rental insurance policies distributed by partner insurance companies to customer profiles at the point of sale
  • These policies are then displayed on travel retailers’ sites so that clients can add the insurance to their travel purchase
  • The software aggregates users’ needs to match the best insurance policies either through retargeting (via cookie tracing) or through Pablow Inc.’s database (mapping insurance policies against user needs)
  • Pablow Inc. offers its solution through a rentable plug and play Software as a Service (SaaS) to travel distributors, available in the US market through a single connection to its API and includes licensing for casualty and accident, health, and travel insurance
  • An expansion into the UK market is set for early 2017
  • Prices depend on the insurance company and are based on a percentage of the trip cost. Pablow Inc. generates money through (i) a fee per transaction and (ii) a wholesale margin with the insurance firm that they share with the travel distributor

Consumer Benefits

  • Client acquisition: by directly offering fewer options through personalised insurance, travel distributors can increase their conversion rate
  • Avoid licensing issues: travel distributors renting Pablow Inc.’s API avoid lengthy applications for different licenses in 50 US states and the EU

How To Use

  • An automation process for travel distributors is currently under development, which will be launched in the next few weeks


What does Pablow do?
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