Country:  USAOrion Advisor Services, LLC
Year: 1999


  • Orion offers back office services or portfolio accounting solutions to investment advisory firms
  • Orion also offers FUSE every year to bring together advisory technology developers to build new solutions for advisory problems.
  • Orion hosts an event where advisors can meet their support team and understand the challenges

Consumer Benefits

  • Innovative: Orion won many awards for their innovative technologies and have great, innovative solutions like the fully customizable trading and rebalancing platform for advisors
  • Complete: Orion is a full service portfolio accounting firm with service overview, client portal, advisory fee billing, a mobile app and much more

How It Works

  • Orion offers very personal and customizable services for every firm so it’s required to communicate directly with them
  • First, Orion will listen to your needs and define how they will support your firms needs
  • Then, they will plan and execute tailored support for your firm


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