Country: United Statesorbii
Year: August 2015

  • Better home protection: prevent burglaries, gas leaks, abnormal humidity rates that could cause damage… Orbii could be a reliable piece of evidence to show exactly what happened for insurance expertise and claims.


  • Instead of various alarms and expensive security systems, Orbii is a single affordable unit to monitor the entire house.
  • The camera and multiple sensors give its users eyes, ears and noses into their homes when they are not there.
  • This robot can roll around the house by remote control from anywhere in the world.

Consumer Benefits

  • Pricing: Orbii is an affordable security system that can monitor multiples spaces.
  • Convenience: users can drive the robot from any Internet connected device and be notified each time something unusual pops up.
  • Installation: the robot is easy to install and recharges itself in a docking station which it finds and rolls toward on its own.
  • Customization: thanks to its modular design, different features can be added (smoke detector, thermal imaging camera, night vision camera, flash light, IR transmitter, noise detector…) to best fit the customer’s needs.

How to use

  • Plug-in the docking station wherever you want in your house.
  • The robot has a motor and a Wi-Fi system that allows it to be remotely driven all around the house thanks to a smartphone or tablet.


  • Orbii video presentation
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