Country: Africaorangemoney
Year: 2008
What opportunities in insurance:

  • There is a potential which they are currently investigating but it is very dependent upon the market maturity and Orange Money’s customer base and network size in each country.
  • Micro-insurance could be launched in partnership with insurers, e.g. in Ivory Coast where the distribution network is very dense


  • Orange Money is the Orange Group payment and money transfer in Africa and Middle East, in partnership with MFS Africa, targeting essentially people with no bank account, using their mobile phone
  • Orange Money was launched for the first time in 2008, started with Ivory Coast. The service is now offered in 13 countries (Botswana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Guinea, Jordania, Kenya, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, Senegal and Ouganda) and counts more than 12 millions customers
  • The Orange Money service includes : an electronic wallet, cash in/cash out in the Orange network (own PoP and partners), P2P money transfer within the country, invoice payment, …
  • Intra regional money transfer (wallet to wallet) is possible in some countries, while web to wallet is also possible for accounts active in Mali, Madagascar and Ivory Coast
  • Since 2013, Orange Money also launched a Visa Card attached to the mobile account, starting with Botswana (45% of financial inclusion vs. between 5 and 8% in Senegal)
  • Opening an account is easy : the customer only needs an Orange SIM card and to present his ID to an Orange Money PoP
  • The service is offered directly by Orange (as a Financial Services provider) even though they have partnered with banks locally to have access to the banking license. But as Orange Money is not a bank they do not offer credit.

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