Country: United States OpenbayConnectLogo
Year: 2015
Openbay Connect is a mobile application that offers remote automotive diagnostics services.


  • OpenbayConnect is an app connected to an in-car device able to diagnose car problems and deliver repair quotes to the user from local professionals in his area
  • The device is plugged into the car diagnostic port and communicates directly with the user’s smartphone
  • The data from the device is analyzed and if there is a problem, the car owner immediately receives an alert on his smartphone with specific information. If the issue requires service, the information is delivered to local auto repair shops all via the Openbay platform
  • The car owner gets a list of ranked offers with the best prices, from which he can choose and book the service he needs
  • The payment is done through the app and Openbay charges a fee per transaction to the service provider

Consumer Benefits

  • The user can receive alerts on his phone even before he has noticed something is wrong with his car
  • He can access a network of professionals in his area with competitive prices
  • The ODBC dongle is provided for free on the car’s owner request (or can be bought online for 10$). The service is also free for the car’s owner

How to use 

  • The user can download the app for free and, the device can easily be plugged to diagnostic ports, which are in all cars built since 1996
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