Country: France onmap
Year: 2000

  • Process Mapping: OnMap is a well-built tool that enables the visualization of processes, functions, roles and interactions through 3D simulation which could be extremely useful for new joiners.


  • Onmap visual is a software that allows the user to reproduce the activities and processes of each functions of a company on a 3D map, as a virtual company
  • It is a 3D business simulator where the user can see the whole ecosystem of a company, how activities work and how the employees are related to each other
  • The user can navigate through the virtual company and see the legend that explains each function in the company as well as how each function is related to another. He can also make comments to correct or improve processes etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Playful visualization: the software looks like a game, workers will be able to concretely visualize the company and get the big picture
  • Fully customizable: the creator of the map will be able to customize it to fully fit the company’s ecosystem

How It Works

  • The user creates an online account and choose the package he wants to install. Then, he can start initializing his project, designing processes and animate them thanks to the 3D visual


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