Country: USAOneName
Year: 2014

  • Bridge between physical and digital identity: an insurance company could introduce such a service to set up a credible digital identity for its customers, in order to make regular dealings such as contract signing, claims management and payments more efficient.


  • Recently integrated to Blockstack Labs, Onename aims to simplify digital identity verification by enabling users to create a profile and register their blockchain ID. In turn, this avoids typing long wallet addresses or anonymous QR codes (that can lead to transaction mistakes).
  • Profiles are established online, verified by email and trust levels are built by adding social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Github.
  • Onename is currently developing new features to allow users to login to applications or online sites with their digital ID similar to logging into sites with a Facebook account.
  • Previously built on Namecoin, Onename moved its features to Bitcoin for scalabity and improved security.

Consumer Benefits

  • Serve the underbanked: a potential for users to open their own cryptocurrency bank account, send money across borders and even apply for loans.
  • Information transparency: Onename reassures users of the receiver’s identity, ensuring that no errors are made by copying or pasting bitcoin QR codes, or mistyping wallet codes.
  • User ownership: the platform gives users control over their online identity which can be shared online via social media, business cards or profiles, etc.
  • Integrated support: developers can add Onename to give users password-free logins, secure messaging and control over privacy and data access.

How it works

  • Users sign up via email then create a username and profile. Once the email address by a confirmation email, users save the account backup file on their computer or on Dropbox.
  • To increase the profile’s trust level, users are encouraged to add a photo of themselves and add links to verify their Twitter, Facebook or GitHub accounts.
  • Users can then send Bitcoin to one another by: typing in the person’s Onename username, using the QR code or using the wallet code.


  • Onename unveils a new product, Passcard

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.40.59 PM

  • Onename announces its integration to Blockstack


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