Country: Singapore
Founded: 2014
Onelyst helps Singapore consumers obtain, compare and apply for loans online

  • Onelyst curates loan quotes from multiple money lenders and allows consumers to compare and apply for the loans
  • Key facts and figures:
    • There are around 170 licensed money lenders in Singapore with market size of S$686 million in 2015
    • Onelyst partners with 42 licensed money lenders and has helped about 10,000 users obtain loans
    • The company plans to expand in Malaysia and Hong Kong


  • Target customer: Individual consumers in Singapore in the lower-income bracket
  • Transparent borrowing system: Interest rates and other loan information are collected from licensed money lenders after creditworthiness checks are complete. Loan options are presented in full details to the borrower for comparison and selection.
  • Subscription revenue model: Onelyst earns its revenue by charging its partners a monthly subscription fee.

Consumer Benefits

  • Quick access to loans: Consumers can obtain loans quickly, compared to the usual processes at banks or traditional lenders
  • Competitive rates: Consumers are able to compare rates before making a selection.

How to Use

Customers submit an online application and are offered different loan options:
Application form

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