Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2012

OneAsia is a growing player that provides secure cloud computing and data center services. This can be used by insurance companies in order to:  

  • Prevent data theft: There is a growing problem companies have to tackle. As data is getting more and more digital and available on the web, companies have a growing need to prevent data breach. A software like OneAsia that stores, and detects threats of data theft and intrusion is a good way to prevent problems and reduce claims of the insurance companies’ corporate clients.

Keywords: Real time; transparent

Value Proposition

  • OneAsia is specialized in cloud computing solutions and provides data center services
  • It intends to help clients manage cloud computing solutions, from infrastructure, management to application software and to business of all sizes without additional capital investment or strong IT support
  • The company offers Cloud Infrastructure to store and to manage data that are protected from threats of intrusion
  • It also provides Cloud Applications such as: Business Intelligence, Video surveillance etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Reducing IT costs: the all-in-one offer enables the user to gather high quality recordings as well as have a backup process
  • Security data: the data gathered is stored in a secure cloud with an anti-virus protection, hacking detection, data encryption etc.

How it works

  • The user can first subscribe for a free trial online
  • The user has to send an enquiry by filling a form on the website. He can ask for the cloud computing services as well as the data center services and will be then contacted by OneAsia team to make a customized service
  • Click on the images bellow to see an article and a use-case

Cloud computing

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