Country: Thailandomise logo
Year: 2014

  • Payments gateway: Omise is an online payments gateway that allows businesses and individuals to do make online payments
  • Future opportunities: Omise currently operates in Thailand and are expecting to expand into more Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia


  1. Payments API
    • Target customer: Developers (online stores, online businesses, payment app developers, etc)
    • Open API: Omise’s payments gateway operates on an open source API.  Developers simply send codes to Omise’s servers to add customers, bill customers and make refunds.
    • White-label service: Integration into developer’s website or app without Omise appearing.
    • Fees: 3.65% in Thailand (negotiable depending on volume and basket size).
  2. Wire
    • Target customer: Individuals
    • Payments app: Wire allows individuals to request for payments via popular social media (Facebook, Twitter and LINE) or via email.  Requests are made in the app, and payments will be made available for withdrawal within 7 days.

Consumer benefits

  • Fast approval: Businesses submit basic indentification and bank verification documents online, and can expect to be approved within days.
  • No minimum transaction volume: Omise does not require any minimum transaction volume – viable option for smaller businesses or start-ups.
  • No hidden fees: Transaction fees are 3.65% per transaction, and transfer fees depend on amount transferred.

How to use it

Payments API



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