Country: China octopus
Year: 1997

  • Major Banks started to issue Octopus card (DBS, Citibank…)
  • The Octopus can be used for different means of payment (access control…)
  • The technology used by Octopus is complex but the user experience is very simple and intuitive


  • Octopus is the second contactless smart card system in the world:
    • The owner can make contactless electronic payments in online and offline systems;
    • The card was first used to pay for public transportation as MTR metro, buses, trams, ferries and taxis;
    • Now, the Octopus card is accepted at convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, vending machines, parking garages, supermarkets, hospitals, schools…

Consumer Benefits

  • Simply tap the Octopus card over the Fare Deducting Reader of shops / or at the entry or exit gate of transportation. When user hears “Dood” from the reader, it means the payment has been effected.  On the reader, the transaction amount and balance amount after payment are displayed.

  • Online payment with Octopus is possible by using an NFC device in 5 easy steps:
    • Choose “Octopus” as payment method on the online merchant’s payment page. A QR code and transaction number will be generated after validating the Octopus card as payment method
    • Use the QR code scanner in the “Octopus” App of your mobile phone, or enter Payment Code to retrieve your payment information
    • After scanning the QR code, the mobile app will redirect to a payment request with transaction amount
    • Place Octopus at the back of the NFC Device until the payment receipt is shown.
    • Upon successful payment on the NFC Device, you can view your transaction and payment records on the “Octopus” App or on the merchant’s payment page.


  • Check the Balance and Transaction History by several available ways:
    • Octopus Reader: Every time when user makes a transaction on the Octopus reader, the balance is displayed on the machine and on the receipt (7-Eleven, metro, supermarket…)
    • Mobile App: The”Octopus” App”is a free application applicable to NFC (Near Field Communication allows users to use the following services via the Internet on their Octopus
    • Octopus PC reader
    • Online Transaction Enquiry Form

How to use

  • Octopus is easy to use:
    • Just tap your card over the reader and go
    • Reload automatically with your credit card and bring all your current credit cards benefits or simply reload with cash at many locations
    • Earn rewards every time you tap your Membership Octopus at the Octopus readers
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