Country: Israeloctopus
Year: 2013

  • All-in-one offer: Octopus might be very interesting to be part of an offer for business clients of an insurance company as it allows the client to have a better visibility on different security and logistic tools and also, protects from hacking and physical break-ins and react faster in case of a problem. This would mean, a better managed security and a decrease in claims costs.
  • An App to connect with customers: More and more customers are working from their smartphones or tablets. It becomes really urgent to create very user-friendly Apps for insurance companies to make assistance and education tools accessible at any times. This would also allow to attract digital-native customers and enhance the customer relationship.


  • Octopus is an App that integrates all security and logistic tools into one command and control center, including video surveillance feeds, traffic reports, social media keywords, fire and burglar alarms so emergencies can be prevented or dealt with quickly
  • The services on the App include: municipal security, high risk facility security, first response unit management, PA system over IP, visitor and suppliers management system, encrypted messaging system etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • User friendly: Octopus merges all security management systems while keeping a user friendly interface
  • Cost savings: Octopus is compatible with any server and there is no need of an IT employee to maintain it
  • Time saving: Octopus allows the user to merge all security and logistic systems on one platform, which makes him save time and energy as he can react faster in case of an emergency

How to use

  • The App works with two main interfaces : A web based control App installed on the company server or Cloud and a user App for officers and employees installed on personal smartphones.


  • Introduction to Octopus on YouTube

  • Tech crunch introduces Octopus


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