Country: United Kingdomnutme
Year: 2012

  • Nutmeg offers low cost, high yield investing options for casual investors looking for a hands-off approach. The company achieves this by being a digital-first, roboadvising firm, which is a trend that has begun to grow in popularity.
  • Customers are only required to enter minimal personal information and indicate their risk tolerance levels. Nutmeg is then able to determine the best investment strategy from there, which is eliminates the guesswork for consumers that may be uncomfortable making their own investment choices.


  • Nutmeg provides user-friendly online resources to make investing easier for their customers, taking influence from the tech industry more than the financial world
  • The company keeps fees low by investing primarily in low cost ETFs and rebalancing portfolios in larger quantities than an individual investor would be able to achieve
  • Investments decisions are managed with limited input and decision making from the end customer, simply by asking the level of risk-tolerance from each investor in addition to other generic questions

Consumer Benefits

  • Nutmeg makes investing easier to the average consumer who is looking for a hands-off managed portfolio
  • Costs and fees are kept low due to the nature of Nutmeg’s investment strategies (focusing on lower cost funds and high volume trades)
  • Access to performance information and trends are all available in a clean and modern user interface

How It Works

  • Customers enter information about their current financial status and goals, in addition to their risk tolerance level
  • Nutmeg then develops an investment strategy for that individual and handles the portfolio accordingly, while regularly rebalancing if necessary


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