Country: USAimage1
Year: 2015


  • Nova is a cross-border credit reporting agency connecting US lenders to international consumer credit data.
  • The company was Launched by Y Combinator and founded at Stanford with the task of enabling immigrants to access credit, helping them to integrate financially into their new countries
  • The process consists of collecting credit information and credit proxies into a single report which is called a “Nova Credit Passport”. This credit passport aims to mitigate credit risk
  • Nova generates revenue by charging lenders for having access to the “Nova Credit Passport”
  • The company is concentrating on immigrants from two markets, India and Mexico but aims to extend its business to other countries such as the UK, the European Union, Brazil, Russia and China

Consumer Benefits:

  • Financial inclusion: improving access to credit for immigrants, brings immigrants into mainstream banking
  • Improve safety: having access to formal loans, immigrants can stop making informal credits, which are not completely reliable
  • Money saving: informal loans have a much higher interest rate than formal loans

How To Use:

  • Through the website , users can choose their country of origin
  • Then, they can sign-up by filling in personal information
  • The company decides whether or not the user is eligible
  • If yes, the user can start the process


Users can choose their home country:
Then, they can fill in personal information:

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