Country: Sweden nordea
Year: 2015

  • A bundle insurance dedicated to a specific segment (foreign students)
  • Seamless customer journey, simplifying administrative process


  • The Swedish bank Nordea proposes a whole branch of banking and insurance services in partnerships with Moderna (a Swedish insurance company)
  • They’ve launched an all in one insurance “Check in Insurance” dedicated for youth (18-28 years) that are opening a Nordea bank account
  • The offer bundles a Home insurance (personal belonging), Travel insurance, Legal protection and Life accident guarantee
  • Students pay a monthly € 7 (65 SEK) for the whole pack: a 20% rebate as compared to subscriptions ordered separately
  • Price varies slightly depending on the location and age
  • Indemnifications are credited directly to the bank account within a limited delay: in 50% within 24 hours and otherwise with an upfront of 30 € right away

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