Country: France
Year: 2013

The Netatmo thermostat is a next generation thermostat for smartphones.


  • Netatmo thermostat can be entirely monitored and set up using a smartphone application.
  • After the user answers a few questions, the Netatmo system will adapt to the user’s lifestyle by observing his habits and create a program based on them.
  • Manual adjustments can be done through the thermostat itself or with a digital device.

Consumer Benefits

  • The thermostat is easy to use and to install and it can simply sit on a table.
  • From everywhere and at any time, the user can open the Netatmo app with a smart device to adjust the temperature (can be done on the thermostat itself too) and can also find out energy consumption in graph form.
  • The “Auto-Adapt” feature uses GPS to know about the user’s location weather information, in addition to household insulation information, to predict the start of heating periods.
  • The thermostat is elegant as it has been designed by Starck and the user can choose between interchangeable colors.

How to use it

  • The video shows how the Netatmo thermostat works.

Keywords: real time, simple, personalization

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