Country: Switzerland
Year: 2017


  • Nectar developed an integrated B2B platform that is designed to be simple to use, intelligent and learning. The platform gather all the fragmented IT systems with an integrated solution.
  • Nectar integrates the portfolio management, client management and reporting engine into the platform. It fully managed interfaces with custodians.
  • The platform offer various services, such as outsourcing, reporting, risk management, investment management or data management.
  • It also offers regulatory automation of tools to help the wealth manager in its tasks, enabling better customer relationship.
  • Nectar has the FINMA license for outsourcing services

Consumer Benefits

  • Focus on client relationship: The platform integrates all the bureaucracy tasks, allowing the wealth manager to develop a better relationship with clients.
  • Simple to use: Nectar develop the platform with a design thinking approach. Developers work to make the platform intuitive and reduce the workflow.

How It Works

  • The platform is a cloud based solution hosted in a data center. Nectar uses different servers for each of their clients.


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