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Country: USA
Year: 2013
Provide a comprehensive offer for ID theft including medical information
Identity theft coverage

  • Stop damage to credit within minutes
  • Make all phone calls to creditors, banks, agencies.
  • Assist in replacing documents such as driver’s license, passport, Social Security card or other ID.
  • Provide an emergency cash advance
  • Provide up to $25,000 in recovery for expense reimbursement
  • Medical ID theft: dispute fraudulent accounts and bills with the facility, medical provider, or insurance company.

Extra protection for computer
Customers get additional coverage from Nationwide partner, Europ Assistance USA. This online data protection includes two tools to protect sensitive data while customers surf the Internet:

  1. DataScrambler protects keystrokes from being monitored
  2. PhishBlock warns customers if they attempt to access a phishing site. This service works alongside traditional anti-virus software and can be installed on up to 3 computers.

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