Country: France

: 2005


  • Myfox redefines home security by offering true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence
  • It prevents intrusions before they happen to protect privacy by offering users two security solutions: MyFox Security Alarm and MyFox Security Camera
  • The company developed an award winning system: “IntelliTAG”, a sensor technology that prevents break-ins before they happen  (currently 100k clients throughout Europe)
  • All users’ homes’ doors and windows are equiped with sensored so that users are warned of any intrustions  immediately as the MyFox security operators receive the alerts, call users, and dispatch local authorities to your home if needed
  • Myfox claims to be the first smartphone connected home security system, allowing a very user-friendly monitoring (anytime, anywhere)
  • In 2014, the company was declared winner of the Deloitte rankings of the 500 fastest-growing hardware/electronics technology companies across EMEA

Consumer Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring: an agent contacts the user immediately to check if it’s an actual threat before calling local authorities
  • Omnichannel: user-friendly interfaces accessible from laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Proof archiving: users can access all video recordings in case of intrusion and keep proof of break-ins
  • Easy to set up: set up in minutes from the Myfox Security app without any tools
  • Smart security: automatic disarmament for users and their families go back to home, presence detection

How to use

  • The client chooses the formula with a set of devices to be installed home, (sensors, cameras…) and pays the monthly fee to access the services they desire
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