Country: Francemyfeelback
Year: 2011

  • Use for satisfaction surveys: tool to be used to conduct surveys targeted to specific clients to get their opinion in a more interactive and precise way.
  • Internal surveys: an insurance company could also use MyFeelBack to get their employees’ feedback and engage them.


  • MyFeelBack is a smart survey tool that enables companies to quickly and easily create questionnaires thanks to its intuitive editor
  • Users can create multi-channel surveys that are user-friendly on mobile, laptop, emails and even text messages
  • Questionnaires with designs that can be customised designs to fit the company’s identity
    Interactive approach as questions dynamically adapt to the respondents’ answers
  • Statistics are automatically generated to create real-time reports to feed the CRM and create ultra-targeted offers or discounts to improve sales

Consumer Benefits

  • Closer customer relationship: take immediate action on survey results to better understand customers and answer their needs
  • Conversion rate: boost it with ultra-qualified data
  • Better survey response rate: smart surveys gather nearly 5x more responses than conventional surveys

How to use

  • Nothing to download, install or configure. The user just opens their browser and starts using the tool
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