Country: Israel  mybitat
Year: 2014

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Partnering/integration: an insurance company could propose Mybitat within a Health App and its insurance policies.
  • Inspiration: an insurance company could use Mybitat concept as an inspiration to the further development of an app for elderly people and living on their own).


  • Mybitat is a discreet smart home monitoring system (including home sensors and wearables) for the elderly, designed to respect privacy whilst being able to alert whomever is required when the senior’s physical or mental condition is jeopardized.
  • This technology combines advanced sensors, cloud-based software and behavior analytics to keep track of the seniors’ routine and detect anomalies, which allow them to live longer at home with an enhanced quality of life.

Consumer Benefits

  • Safety: it ensures the seniors’ safety by being able to instantly alert remote caregivers if needed.
  • Privacy: the technology is not intrusive and does not compromise the seniors’ privacy or unnecessarily change their lifestyle.
  • Peace of mind: relatives know that the remote eldest people of their family are safe.
  • Easy to use: the interface design is user-friendly and the technologies can be seamlessly integrated at home.
  • Pricing: Mybitat is a monitoring system designed to shape a home into a smart one with low investment.

How to use

  • With various sensors, data fusion and advanced analytics, the system learns the user’s habits, taking into account his manual settings and detected behavioural patterns.
  • Whenever the system detects a significant change in the user’s behaviour or a specific stress that require assistance, it notifies family or caregivers. Additional details on the end product have not been made public at this time as it is not marketed yet.
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