Country: United StatesMozido
Year: 2005

  • Mozido grants users access to mobile payments even if they do not have an existing bank account, making it easier for them to make bill payments and transfer money to friends and family
  • Mozido also offers marketing solutions for businesses looking to deliver contextually aware advertisements or keep track of their customer loyalty programs
  • Companies can leverage the marketing solutions offering to expand and diversify marketing efforts


  • Mozido offers users the ability to pay bills and send payments to other people via their smartphone through either a mobile app, SMS, email or via a web portal and store money in their account even without having their own bank account
  • The service allows those without access to a bank account the ability to store funds online and cash out when necessary at any of Mozido’s partner agencies that have thousands of locations around the world
  • An additional service is offered to businesses that wish to market to customers by leveraging contextually aware, smart marketing ads such as coupon offers that are triggered when a user is nearby
  • Mozido also offers business owners a CRM solution that can help manage rewards programs for customers

Consumer Benefits

  • Users without bank accounts now have the ability to pay their bills and send money to friends and family through several different avenues including a mobile app, SMS, email, and the web
  • Business owners have the ability to develop automated marketing efforts based on customer triggers and can manage any rewards or loyalty program

How It Works

  • A user can visit any local Mozido merchant to open an account and deposit cash that they are then able to use to send to others by either a mobile app, SMS, email or through the web


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