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Country: Australia
Founded: 2013

  • SME loans: Moula assesses and approves loans within a day based on business data and business financials
  • Key figures
    • Transaction volume in 2015 = $200,000 worth of loans each week
    • Average loan size in 2015 = $30,000
    • Investors = Moula raised $30 million in Series A funding from Liberty Financial and NCN Investments


  • Target customer: SMEs exclusively. Moula does not serve individuals
  • Minimum requirements: At least a year in business, average monthly sales of $5,000 and at least fair credit history
  • Automated credit checks: SMEs feed their business data and financials directly from e-commerce and accounting platforms like Xero/eBay/Magento/Stripe/Square and are processed automatically
  • Fees: Fortnightly interest of 1% on the outstanding loan (i.e. 26% per annum)

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast and accessible: Small businesses can apply for a loan on Moula’s website directly and can expect a decision within a day
  • Transparency: Fee structure is transparent without any hidden fees

How to Use

How to use


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