Country: USA
Year: 2010
 Motif Investing is the Robo-Advisor that offers the most advanced social and gamified experience:

  • By letting users interact with one another and share ideas about upcoming or current trends, Motif Investing has created a community of people that are betting on a future they feel confident in. It is a way to engage people with their service
  • By creating a Royalty Program, people can earn money just by building motifs. Not only this is a way to engage people on a continuous basis, but also to ensure that they will spread the word about the service by sharing their motifs
  • The comparison on how Motifs are performing is also a way for Motif Investing to gamify the user experience


Motif Investing allows the user to invest in groups of 20 to 30 stocks or ETFs that share the same characteristics

  • Instead of buying mutual funds that revolve around specific asset classes or investing styles, it enables retail investors to focus on current trends, or “motifs,” such as cybersecurity, cloud computing or even 3-D printing
  • Motif Investing lets the user build Motifs the way he wants or suggests already built Motifs that he can customize
  • Just like on social media, users can invite their friends from Facebook or e-mail to stay connected with them through the platform. They can share Motifs with them, give their opinion on others’ Motifs, etc…
  • In 2014, Motif Investing launched a B2B version of its service to help Advisors better serve their clients (

Consumer benefits

  • Motif Investing offers a social experience to its users by letting them interact, share motifs and get feedback from other investors
  • Motif Investing also gamifies its user experience by creating competition and ranking among users.
  • Users earn royalties when their Motifs are used by another investor (USD1 per user)

How to use it

  • Video explaining the concept of Motif Investing and how a Motif works

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