Country: France
Year: 2013


  • Created under the name Payname, Morning was first a peer-to-peer online savings and a payment platform for individual users
  • In 2016, after getting a banking agreement, it became an online banking service and now offers current accounts and debit cards
  • In three years, it has accumulated 75,000 customers
  • After a troubling period at the end of 2016, Morning has been taken over by French bank Edel (a subsidiary of E. Leclerc Group) who plans to focus on B2B for new profit channels

Consumer Benefits

  • Customer-centric: co-created with users, all users can give their feedback on Morning’s features and suggest new functions
  • Quick sign-up: 100% online subscription which only takes a few minutes
  • Real-time notifications: every time the user makes a payment

How to use

  • Users download the app, available on iOS and Android
  • An account can be opened online in a few minutes
  • Users can then configure their account


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