Country: UK
Year: 2015


  • Monzo is a digital bank that aims to create a convenient current account for users
  • Monzo offers a platform that mixes modern technology with normal banking services
  • Monzo is built only for smartphones and can be used anywhere in the world.

Consumer Benefits

  • Inexpensive: Offer a free current account with no setup or usage fee even abroad, it’s also free to send or receive money from other monzo costumers
  • Easy: support under 10 minutes, 24/7, with the chat application and easy to use account platform
  • Helpful: the current account offers instant receipt and helps the user manage his budget by telling him when he has reached his limit. With categories, monzo can also tell if there is unusual spending in an account and inform the user.

How To Use

  • The current account is only available in the UK, but it is possible to use anywhere with a prepaid card
  • Download the application on iOS or Android and join the Beta
  • Fund your account and start using it


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