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Year: 2014

  • Jakarta-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) startup Moka seeks to make mPOS capabilities accessible to everyone, by providing solutions for ringing up transactions, accepting payments, and creating reports.
  • Subscription revenue model: Moka charges vendors IDR 250,000 (appox. USD 19.12) per outlet per month, without any binding contracts. As of June 2016, Moka has acquired over 1,000 merchants.
  • Moka received a USD 1.9 million Series A round of funding led by East Ventures, and plans to use the funds to fuel expansion in new cities to make POS and cashless payments accessible to all business owners.


  • Traditional POS systems are expensive, difficult to use and setup, and require costly maintenance fees. Hence, especially in Indonesia, many SMEs still rely on pen-and-paper to run their businesses.
  • Many SMEs are unable to accept debit/credit card payments, as the application process is lengthy and perceived as an extra cost burden for them.
  • Moka targets this need and strives to provide a POS system for SMEs that allows them to easily receive cashless payments at a much lower cost than traditional POS systems.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to use cloud-based POS system: Moka replaces traditional cash registers with a cloud-based POS system that runs on iOS and Android devices. With Moka, vendors can simply download the application onto their iPad (or equivalent device) and start selling.
  • Acceptance of cash-less payments: Moka enables small businesses to accept debit and credit card payments without going through the complex filing process with banks. With the Moka mPOS, the vendor can accept debit/credit payments anywhere, including on-the-go.
  • Merchant acquisition for banks: Moka can partner up with banks to acquire merchants on behalf of the bank in exchange for a small cut of each transaction. Banks in return benefit from potentially acquiring much more SMEs at a lower cost.

How To Use 
Video illustration of setting up the user account on Moka POS.

Video illustration of accepting debit/credit payments with Moka mPOS
Video illustration of an F&B business operating with Moka POS.

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