Country: Israelmobileye-nv-logo
Year: 1999

Mobileye offers a “third eye” for the driver that prevents collisions and accidents on the road.


  • Mobileye’s cutting-edge automotive technology, with built-in cameras in cars, prevents auto collisions or lessens their severity
  • The mono-cameras used to make these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are based on Doppler-Radar methodology*
  • Applications of Mobileye include detection of lanes, vehicles, general objects, pedestrians, and traffic signs besides headlamp control
  • Currently, the system is available in 160 car models from 18 equipment manufacturers incl. BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Prevention of collision: The main goal of Mobileye is to prevent collisions, 93% of which occur due to 3-second lack of human attention
  • Improvement in driving habits & Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Quick ROI: With the device, there is higher possibility of saving lives, reducing damage of cars and decreasing insurance claims
  • Tool for driver monitoring and evaluation: For taxis, truck or car fleets, leased or rented cars, the tool is an effective means of monitoring drivers
  • Effective risk management: It can be used as a “Pay-As-You-Drive” method to assess risk for insurance clients

How to use it

  • User can purchase it from a distributor or online, install the camera & buzzer, connect to the smartphone app to receive real-time warnings
  • Many car manufacturers now pre-install this device in their cars
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