Country: Israel
logoYear: 2013

MobileODT has created a device to detect cervical cancer, and save lives while reducing costs (with a focus on third-world women).


  • According to Mobile ODT, 250,000 women die every year from treatable cervical cancer simply because they aren’t diagnosed. So they have developed a mobile coloscope that can be connected to mobile phones to accurately detect cancer
  • The Mobile ODT device consists of a powerful light source on one side of the phone, and a lens on the other side that aligns with the phone’s camera. The technology is based on the science of biophotonics*, the use of light and the analysis of the absorption of lights
  • The device enhances visual inspection 25 times, based on a magnifying lens
  • The intuitive smartphone app linked with the device connects to a cloud-based software platform that enables immediate remote expert consultations, improved case management and easy integration with the user’s electronic health records

Consumer Benefits

  • Mobile ODT is an affordable and accessible high-quality coloscope with a focus on consumers in the developing world
  • It offers immediate impact, quick adoption by health care workers, NGOs and midwives as well as enabling faster decision making
  • As a next step, Mobile ODT is developing functionalities in the device to detect sexual assault, oral, anal and dermatological problems

How to use it

  • Users clip the device on the camera of their smartphones (4MP minimum). The mobile application records the data (age, weight and medical history) / Users can also fix the device on a tripod
  • The caregiver sits in front of the patient and takes images of the cervix without touching the woman. Pictures are sent through the app on a secured and encrypted cloud.  Doctors can easily analyze the image and detect whether cancer treatment is necessary
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