Country: United States  
Year: 2015
Metromile offers a Per-Mile Insurance option to empower Uber driver partners

Insurance companies could partner with actors of sharing economy such as Uber or BlaBlaCar in order to improve and simplify customer experience. 
Addition of an element in the insurance coverage regarding injury to third-party while the passenger is riding in an Uber car (e.g. an accident on the street that hurts a passerby etc.)


  • MetroMile provides a plug-in device for the user’s car that connects to a free app that records various driving parameters of a driver including the number of miles driven. If the user drives under 10,000 miles a year, he can save an average of $400 a year on insurance
  • In an effort to empower drivers, Metromile obtained approval to offer an insurance product that recognizes and accounts for the personal and commercial use of Uber vehicles

Consumer benefits

  • Metromile offers complete coverage to Uber driver partners that traditional auto insurance policies may not cover drivers who participate in ridesharing programs
  • Drivers only pay for insurance for miles not covered by Uber’s policy. If driver drives less than 10,000 miles per year outside of Uber trips, he could save up to 50% versus traditional insurers

How to use

MetroMile offers a device plugs into cars’ dashboards, connects to the user’s smart phone and tracks mileage to allow for per-mile car insurance, and other activities


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